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Your baby is growing and changing all the time, but haven't you realized that his feet are also constantly expanding in all directions? It sounds very strange, but you will soon realize that this is the case!

Generally in the first few years of life, from 9 to 24 months, a baby's foot grows half size every 2 months.
The choice of the right size is essential to favor the correct development of the child's foot and his posture. It is therefore necessary to regularly check the growth of the child's foot and consequently choose a correct size.

The child's foot must have enough space to move freely, otherwise he or she will not be able to place the sole properly on the ground. This can be dangerous for the toes,which can assume an unnatural position. In the long run, this is detrimental to the child's overall development and posture.
If you are going to buy shoes for your child, remember to check their foot size periodically. In the first months of life, the foot tends to grow two or three sizes per year.
It is therefore essential to constantly monitor this growth to avoid wearing inappropriate footwear. Let's see the correct characteristics that a shoe must have. Check these six points to ensure healthy development of your baby's foot.
  • Although not necessary, the buttress can help not to deform the shoe and maintain balance.

  • The body of the shoe must be high enough so that the child cannot take it off too easily and flexible enough to allow natural movement of the foot.

  • If the shoes are too stiff , the child will lose his balance and risk falling. Also, make sure that there are no internal parts that scratch the foot and that there is an insole that allows evaporation and absorbs sweat; the ideal is natual leather.

  • Minimal shoes without laces are ideal for a good adjustment of the instep.

  • For the above reasons, the sole must be flexible, non-slip and rubber.

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