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You already know that your child is constantly growing and changing - but did you realize that their feet are also constantly expanding in all directions? It sounds very strange, but you will soon realize that this is the case! Generally in the first years of life from 9 to 24 months, a child's foot grows by half a size every 2 months. 

Choosing the right size is therefore essential to promote the correct development of the child's foot and their posture. It is therefore necessary to regularly check the growth of your child's foot and consequently to choose a good shoe. 


The child's foot must have sufficient space to move freely; otherwise, it will not be able to rest the sole correctly on the ground.This can be dangerous for the toes, which may take on an unnatural position. In the long term it is detrimental to the child’s development and overall posture.

If you are going to buy your child shoes, remember to check your child's foot size periodically. During the first months of life, the foot tends to grow by two or three sizes per year.

So iIt is essential to constantly monitor this growth in order to avoid wearing inappropriate footwear. Let's take a look at the correct characteristics a shoe should have.

Check out these six points,  to ensure healthy foot development in your child 


  • Even if it is not required, the counter can assist in keeping the shoe from deforming and in maintaining balance.
  • The shoe's body must be high enough so that the child cannot take it off too easily, and flexible enough to allow for natural foot movement.
  • If his shoes are too stiff, they will lose their balance and fall too often. Also, make sure there are no inside parts that scratch the foot and that there is an insole that allows for evaporation and absorbs sweat; leather is ideal.
  • Shoes with no laces are ideal for a good instep adjustment
  • For the reasons stated above, the sole must be flexible, non-slip, and made of rubber. Rubber pads will be required to prevent slipping if the material is leather.
  • They must have a slightly raised toe to allow the foot to bend without the child tripping.


    If you are looking for models that are beautiful and good for your child's growth, I recommend the NIDO line are perfect for any school environment , they are ideal for those children who have uniforms and for whom decidedly more neutral and dark colored shoes are needed. They are also perfect for little girls. At COLLINE, we believe in color and not gender, which is why we will always have gender free shoes on offer as well as always being colorful at heart.

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