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Over the past few years we have seen the emerging of new types of footwear including one particular model : so-called barefoot shoes.They differ from normal footwear in being minimal ,lightweight and super flexible. They are meant to protect the feet but always with an eye toward their anatomy, allowing complete freedom of movement.

Barefoot shoe characteristics

Barefoot shoes differ from the standard models you are used to and are a great start for those looking for baby first step shoes. The reasons are:
FLEXIBLE : The thin soles and the use of a few materials makes the shoe flexible by offering the ability to bend and adapt to the foot ,mimicking its movement in a completely natural way .
LIGHTWEIGHT : The elimination of padded sides and considered superfluous led to the creation of a lightweight shoe .
FLAT: Classic shoes have a rise in the heel or toe depending on the model . Creating an imbalance on the entire spine because it goes to shift the body's center of gravity. Barefoot shoes have a flat sole favoring an 'excellent posture , unlike other shoes that are "puffy".
PARTICULAR SHAPE: The shape with a wider toe box allows the foot to move freely for greater comfort. If you are looking for shoes for one-year-olds ,suitable and super stylish ,barefoot shoes are for you.


  • Body alignment as the transition to minimal shoes is an important step, toward whole body health. As poor posture alignment can worsen and cause back damage.
  • Better control of foot position and balance when walking.
  • Stronger leg muscles , which bring more support to the back without burdening it.

Choosing barefoot shoes that fit you right

Every pair of barefoot shoes should be the right one for you. Based on feedback from our dear customers, we can share some of the key points to consider when choosing our shoes:

COLOR: A super colorful set suitable for your son/daughter's style. Materials such as recycled leather , sheepskin suede and calfskin are ideal for protecting feet from cold and wet.

WATER RESISTANT: Our baby shoes are waterproof as they are made from materials such as rubber, while the water resistant materials are the various types of leather used .

VERSATILE: Looking for shoes that are perfect for dressy outings or school? Leather shoes will be good for any event from out-of-town trips to family parties! Our barefoot collection answers all the calls of the seasons!



    COLLINE - COLLINE - is a brand with a revolutionary soul that enhances the bare foot. It was born from the desire to offer a classically designed product that is able to promote correct posture and the development of movement. Each product is handmade with special attention to detail.

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