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Back to school is coming up,  it's important to know how to choose  the most suitable  pair of shoes!.


Are you a mum or a dad who's trying to  find the best shoes for the back-to-school season? Where to start? You don't know which shoes are most adapted for your child? Don't worry, we  have compiled the complete checklist of what you need to pay attention to.


Shoes for the return to school

It is particularly difficult to find your way around the right choice of back-to-school shoes, too many brands are competing for your attention; allow us to bring you back to the basics;


They should be:


1/ Comfortable yet sturdy (suitable for wild play), but at the same time  they must be  light and flexible , as they will be worn for most of the day.

2/ easy to slide on and off,  especially for little ones who don't know how to tie them yet.

3/ easy to clean, believe us they will get diiiirrrtttyyyyy!

4/As you already know, shoes have a big environmental footprint especially those made of plastic materials, prefer natural and/or recycled long lasting material like real leather, cottons …etc


School shoes from Colline.

For back-to-school shoes, #Colline offers a variety of stylish shoes with a flexible sole that will withstand even the wildest play. They are a great compromise between style and comfort while being eco-friendly made with upcycled leather by our Italian artisans.


Like the shoes NIDO Petrolio  .This model is specially designed to secure the foot during play without constricting it. No fuss, no shoelace, no buckle _ just ready to slide on and play. Complete freedom of movement is essential for your child's development and the flexibility of this shoe fully guarantees this.

The Nido model is built according to the Montessori philosophy. The cheerful colors of our models and the personalisation that your child will choose ( by having fun with our tattoos)  will make them the coolest shoes in the nursery!


For the real, active, dynamic little girl, however, you'll want a shoe that's as adorable as it is comfortable, and the RED BALLERINA  is right for you. Our barefoot ballerina perfectly follows your little girl's foot in movement, giving her the chance to wear a pretty shoe without restricting her play and freedom of movement.

After all, what's the point of a cute shoe if your child does not love them!



A very cute idea and perfect for the back-to-school season are NIDO TERRA . Perfect for any school/group environment, they are ideal for those children who have uniforms and for whom decidedly more neutral, dark-coloured shoes are required. They are also wonderful for girls. At Colline we believe in colors not gender, this is why we will always have on offer  gender free shoes besides being always  colorful at heart.


The important thing is to have the right shoe for your little one: of course it always starts with a  pair at the right size and in which they feel comfortable.


In doubt, always go for one shoe size up and prefer barefoot shoes. (link to explanation of what barefoot is)


While you're at it, get an eco-friendly leather nurturing cream.. Regularly applied  on your baby's shoes the night before you put them on will keep these  little feet dry and the shoes will last much longer. You can use any moisturizing cream available, or our recommended all natural creams for moisturizing the leather.

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